The Amita Avinash Jain (AAJ) Education Trust Foundation works to empower students of less-privileged and privileged backgrounds with an education in Robotics, STEAM learning, Research & Development and Automation. With the goal that every child is promised a coherent education primarily in the field of engineering, AAJ aspires to provide the generation of today with knowledge and resources to ideate, innovate and create new technologies that adapt to the inevitable automated future.

AAJ believes that innovation in any field - science, commerce, art, social sciences, health, etc… is aided by automation in the form of apps, gadgets, robots and artificial intelligence. A student in any field must have technology knowledge like programming languages, data analysis skills, understanding a basic machine as it is key in order for them to excel in the futuristic world yet to come. Through this education trust fund, we at AAJ work to provide less-privileged students with resources to learn besides their government school framework and use their free time to build an interest in STEAM -Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Further, we work with privileged students who have a strong understanding of sciences and are more equipped with technologies to provide opportunities for them to innovate and create automation that helps the world in a positive way. AAJ also stands for encouraging girl education in the poor communities and making the child self sufficient, independent and successful. We want Girl children in India to be interpreted as much as an investment as a boy and to reach higher education levels making themselves an identity and career.

Being a Trust Fund from India, we believe in “Make in India”. India is a country rich in resources - both raw materials, labour and intellect. AAJ knows that training Indian students will channelise the non-educated labour into educated fields of work enabling growth to the country and it’s citizens. We know that India has a lot of potential and wish to propel it’s future in a way that allows them to reach their true skill level.

Over the last year, AAJ has helped over 200 less privileged students, off which 50% were girls - to get a holistic understanding of technology and automation. Our endeavour is to provide high quality education at sustainable costs. We want to work to provide scholarships for bright students and girls who unfortunately can not afford higher education. We at AAJ perceive a future, which is lead by innovators of today and make a positive difference to world around us.


Yogdaan is an organisation that teaches underprivileged students in the form of free private tuitions everyday over an above their government schools. Nestled under a bridge in Juhu, volunteers work in subjects like English, Math and Hindi allowing the young less privileged kids to gain basic knowledge and life skills in an efficient way. Our volunteer, Eesha Jain, worked with about 10 students over her winter break, from 15th December to 15th January, every afternoon, teaching math to 6th/7th graders. She prepared tests, content and innovative ways to teach lasting basic concepts as well as create a fun environment. She says, "These kids have people who donate books, food, stationary and clothes -- but what they really need people to give is not money but actually time. Time with an educated person who is willing to teach them, commit to them and take the responsibility of their studies." She promises to come back every holiday and teach these children who have made a lasting place in her heart.

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Our Work

Our team has worked efficiently to train and teach new technology to young students at poverty areas in Mumbai.

Dharavi Dynamites

Partnered with Robotics and Innovations Institute - On My Own Technology (OMOTEC) to train a team of 12 underprivileged children from grades 5-9 for a competition - First Tech Challenge (FTC). Two teams of students well versed with robotics participating from OMO-TEC G-Force and Mad Engineers raised Rs. 6,00,000/- and trained team Dharavi Dynamites in Java coding, REV expansion kit to make the robot body, computer skills of layout and writing for the engineering book, and further trained them in public speaking for their final presentation. These children were exposed to the world of automation, and ranked 15th out of 30 teams winning the 'Inspiration Price' in the competition. Dharavi Dynamites were trained for 2 consecutive years.

Each One Teach One

The Each One Teach One program works by one privileged student imparting their knowledge and skills to a less privileged student. Through this program a variety of students from government schools are exposed to new technologies.

Under this program we have taken out drives by groups of students who conduct weekly classes at government schools, girls schools, and orphanages.

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Aaj Foundations has trained hundreds of students at OMOTEC Institute and students have participated in various competitions successfully.


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